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Automatic control and management fueling systems

Automatic control and management fueling systems:
1- Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG)
- Inventory and delivery management Precision
- Leak detection of 0.1 gallon per hour -
- Notification before reaching the minimum and maximum fuel levels - Automatic tank calibration - Compared the amount of fuel with the sales dispensers (option)
2- Automatic Dispensers Control
- Deals with all types and models
- Fast periodical reports for each nozzle on the dispenser.
- Update fuel prices in case of change.
- Identify fuel amount and deficit for each dispenser
- Periodical statement of customer sales
3 - Automatic Submersible pump & Product Pipe lines Control (ELLD) Detects fuel leaks at lines up to 0.1 gallon per hour
4 - Automatic Tank chamber and pump sump Control Detects fuel or water leaks in the sumps as soon as it occurs
Can be connected to the MOBILE and PC to ensure continuous monitoring