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Tank Accessories

SPEED FRAME: - Including straps attached to the lower part of the tank length
- Provide installation time for the tank
- A quick way to install the tank underground
- Keep the tank of buoyancy in case of groundwater
CATHODIC PROTECTION: Cathodic protection for tank against rust according to STI recommendations
LEAK DETECTION: Leak detection systems for double wall tank Works with liquid or air Discover leakage quickly if it occurs
OVER FILL PREVENTION VALVE: Prevent fuel flooding while filling the tank including:
Upper and Lower Aluminum drop tube
DIP STICK: Measure the amount of fuel inside the tank
Includes the sealing unit of the tank (Kit)
SPILL CONTAINMENT: Contains the fuel while filling the tank including :
-Fill adaptor with cap -Filling filter
Automatic tank gauging (ATG): New technology for monitoring the tank status. For example tank capacity measurement and manhole monitoring system.
Vapor recovery system: Used to collect vapor of the fuel to protect the environment.
MANHOLE TANK CHAMBER Assembling pipe lines Square access shaft / could be used with round and street cover
MANHOLE ACCESS COVER: Install on top of the tank chamber
SUBMERSIBLE TURBINE PUMP : Pumping the fuel from tank to the dispenser
PRESSURE VACUM VENT ( P/V VENT) : Pressure Vacuum vent
Installing with vapor recovery systems
NORMAL VENT CAP (FLAME ARRESTOR): - Install for above and underground, horizontal and vertical tanks
- Protects the tank from the dangerous impurities
EMERGENCY VENT: - High capacity to vent pressure inside the tank
MECHANICAL TANK GAUGE: - Inventory and delivery management
ANTI-SIPHON VALVE: To prevent the flow of fuel when the clouds break the line before the LED point
HANDRAIL, LADDER & NON-SLIP WALKWAY : Achieve the requirements of the occupational safety and health management
TANK ALARM 444-TA : Control the level of fuel inside the tank
- Includes No. 4 maximum stainless steel sensors
- Issuing a signal at the high and low level of fuel
SIGHT GLASS: - Visual level indicator