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SHM Industries mobile skid is a fuel storage tank surrounded by a metal structure for easy loading and transportation. It is equipped with all accessories such as dispensing and filling pumps, leak detection system and low/high level indicator.
UPP system: From Franklin Fueling Systems comes UPP. The totally integrated solution to an effective, safe and environmentally secure fuel storage and pipe work.
Leak detection: Permanently monitors the level of the filled interstitial liquid, pressure or vacuum. A leakage in any of the tank skins will immediately result in a level drop which will be registered by the forecourt operator.
Overfill prevention valve: Integrated with the tank fill pipe to prevent fuel overfill. The valve achieves complete shut off, while allowing for the delivery vehicle flexible hose to be emptied. Additionally, ball float valves can be fitted to the vents.
Traffic covers: In accordance with EN124 Class C250 and could be either cast iron or composite lightweight covers.
Submersible pumps: 3 Phase submersible turbine pumps can be supplied for fuel flows up to 400 liters/min.
Spill container: For further protection of the environment during filling the tank. It could be either single or double walled container.
Automatic tank gauging (ATG): New technology for monitoring the tank status. For example tank capacity measurement and manhole monitoring system.
Vapor recovery system: Used to collect vapor of the fuel to protect the environment.
GRP Pump Sump Suitable for different brands of Dispensers (dual -quadro)
GRP Tank Chamber: Could be used with round/square access shaft and street cover (circular –square)
Steel Access Cover:
Load carrying capacity 25-40 Ton
Water tight
Self lifting (under developing)
Central dip hole